Financial Assistance for Studying Massage Therapy

Institute for Massage Education's Financial Coordinator is available to all prospective students.  This is the person who will help you navigate the variety of options available to you and can guide you as you make the best choice for your situation.  The Financial Coordinator continues to be available to you throughout your time at IME should you need additional support or guidance.

Students may choose from a variety of options available for funding their education:

  • Pay in full- a FREE massage table is included in this option
  • Private loan
  • Tuition Assistance for Rural and Farm Families (TARFF)
  • Michigan Works! tuition assistance.  Check with your specific county for details.
  • Payment plan

Ask for more details when you meet with the Financial Coordinator.

Need help?

IME’s Financial Support staff is here to assist you with any financial issues that may arise.  We are creative and effective problem solvers and happy to talk with you.

Call the IME office at 269-373-0910 to schedule a meeting at your convenience.